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Yediot published the most important points of disagreement in the exchange agreement

According to the Hebrew group of Tasnim news agency, this Hebrew language newspaper, quoting its sources, announced the end date of negotiations regarding a permanent ceasefire, withdrawal from the Philadelphia axis on the border with Egypt and Netsarim (Salahuddin), which split the Gaza Strip into two halves. The ratio of the exchange of Israel soldiers and the bodies of Israels in the hands of the resistance with Palestinian prisoners, the destination of the transfer of prisoners who will be released from Israeli prisons within the framework of this agreement and who are from the West Bank, (Tel Aviv wants them to be deported to Gaza or outside occupied Palestine ), the type and form of the governing structure in the Gaza Strip, the party that is supposed to distribute aid in the first phase of the agreement in Gaza, which party will replace the Hamas government structure in the Gaza Strip? Which party will manage the reconstruction of Gaza, which will enter the implementation phase in the third phase of the agreement?

The conditions of the end of the war, Israel's insistence on maintaining the right to react to any kind of Hamas action, the possibility of the refugees returning and reaching their areas and residences, especially in the places that were created as buffer zones on the border of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army, are among the most important problems Israel has been declared in the negotiation process.

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