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American and British attack again on Yemen – Mehr news agency Iran and world's news

According to Mehr news agency, citing al-Masirah, the American-British coalition has attacked parts of Yemen again.

Yemeni news sources reported that the American-British coalition attacked the northern city of Saada in Yemen.

More information about the possible loss of life and financial losses of this attack of the American-British coalition on Yemen has not been published yet.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Armed Forces announced this morning by publishing a statement: The Yemeni Navy fired suitable naval missiles at the American destroyer USS Gravely in the Red Sea.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated: All American and British warships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea that participate in the aggression against our country will be included in the target bank of the Yemeni forces.

It should be noted that Yemen has announced that in order to support the Palestinian people and resistance, it will not allow Zionist ships or ships whose destination is the ports of the occupied lands to pass through the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea, and it will target these ships. The Yemeni army has carried out successful operations in this framework and caused a lot of economic damage to the southern ports of the occupied lands.

But on the other hand, the American-British coalition, in its clear support of the Zionist regime's crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, has attacked Yemeni lands several times under the pretext of supporting navigation in the Red Sea.

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