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The dangerous action of three Arab countries to save Tel Aviv with the rescue corridor

Abdul Bari Atwan, a famous analyst of the Arab world, has strongly criticized this issue by referring to the opening of the Dubai-Haifa corridor by three Arab countries to save the Zionist regime from the blockade.

Atwan, the famous analyst of the Arab world, in an article in Rai Al-Youm, referring to the action of three Arab countries in helping the Zionist regime to deal with the naval blockade imposed by the Yemeni army, stated: In a situation where the Yemeni brothers are paying a heavy financial and human price due to The Red Sea and Bab al-Mandeb give to Israeli ships and are the targets of American and British air strikes, some Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, by opening the Dubai-Haifa land crossing, provide everything the occupying regime needs in terms of goods and fresh food at a reasonable price. They give less to this diet.

He wrote: While the countries through which this land corridor passes are completely silent and are looking for justifications and excuses for this dangerous and cowardly act of normalization and alignment with the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza. The media of the Zionist regime have shown video reports of hundreds of trucks passing through this corridor and have exposed what these countries are trying to cover up and keep secret from their people. A few days ago, Channel 13 of the Zionist regime published hundreds of trucks carrying goods and fresh food. This action of three Arab countries is a direct or indirect participation in the war of mass killing and bloodshed in Gaza.

This analyst has further pointed to the Jordanian government's excuses in this regard.

He also considered this corridor as stepping on the blood of martyrs, children, women and the elderly in Gaza, which supports the dignity of the Islamic nation and preserves the Arab and Islamic identity in occupied Jerusalem.

Atwan stated: The hasty move to deliver goods and food to the Zionists is a direct participation in the war of killing and starving the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, just as the Egyptian authorities did by not opening the Rafah crossing by force and not allowing the passage of humanitarian aid to Gaza and The imposition of five thousand dollar tolls for the passage of each truck will do the same. There are reports of a long queue of more than 2,500 trucks from Al-Arish to Rafah crossing.

This analyst went on to point out the wrongness of his expectations from these three countries: if more than 30,000 people were martyred, many of whom are still under the rubble, and 70,000 others were injured and 86% of Gaza's houses were destroyed. It drives countries, so what drives it?

Atwan wrote: We do not expect Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia to act like the Yemenis and fight with the American and British ships that seek to break the naval blockade of the Zionist regime. Ours is that they listen to their nations that are boiling. Jordan is in an unprecedented turmoil these days due to the killing of the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as the news about the participation of this country's fighters against targets deep in Iraq, along with American fighters to take revenge on the Islamic resistance of Iraq for attacking the American base in It is located in the north of Jordan.

In the end, he asked the Arab countries to rely on resistance instead of turning to the Zionist regime.

Source: IRNA

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