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Google's monopoly faced this company with another lawsuit

According to Fars News Agency's science and progress group, citing Reuters, a US federal judge set Monday, September 9, 2024 (19 September) for the start of Google's trial on the abuse of its dominance in digital advertising technology.

The complaint, filed in January 2023, alleges that Google monopolized the market and undermined competition. The government of this country said that Google should be forced to sell its advertising collection.

Google said the lawsuit, if successful, would slow innovation, raise advertising costs and make it harder for thousands of small businesses to grow.

Additionally, Google faces a March 2025 trial in US federal court in another lawsuit, where similar lawsuits from Texas and other states challenge its ad technology practices.

There is another such lawsuit against Google, and a US judge in Washington, DC, is expected to hear in May lawsuits filed by the US Department of Justice, Colorado and other states over Google's dominance of web search.

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