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The Barcelona managers' displeasure with Marx's desire to replace Xavi

According to Tasnim news agency, the situation of Barcelona club these days has no definition at all. The consecutive failures of this team in the last one or two weeks, including the heavy loss to Real Madrid in the Super Cup final, the elimination from the Spanish Cup by Bilbao and the 5-3 home loss against Villarreal at the beginning of this week, put so much pressure on Xavi that he finally announced Kend, who will leave Barcelona at the end of the season. But this has become an excuse for the formation of another controversy.

Less than 24 hours after Xavi admitted his time on the Catalan bench was over, his former team-mate Rafael Marquez, who is currently in charge of Barcelona's second team, said he was ready to take his place. However, the statements of the Mexican head coach did not go down well with the managers of the Barcelona club. According to the club managers, Marx's hasty expression of willingness to accept the leadership of the club's first team has put him in the trap of people who will try to accuse the Mexican man of playing a role in Xavi's dismissal. According to the report of Sport Catalunya, Marx was justified in this matter and promised to comment more carefully from now on.

According to the process that Barcelona has taken, there is a possibility that Xavi will not even reach the end of the season, in which case Marx may come in as his temporary replacement. Barca Athletic, the team under the guidance of Rafa Marques, is in sixth place in the standings of the third division of Spanish football.

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