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The meeting of the disarmament conference, the scene of the confrontation between the supporters of Palestine and the Zionist regime

According to the report of Tasnim International News Agency, Mehdi Aliabadi, the deputy representative of our country to the United Nations in Geneva, stated at the meeting of the disarmament conference: The Zionist regime aims to divert attention from its crimes against the Palestinian people by distorting the facts and making accusations. has turned to others.

He added: “The Israeli regime brazenly continues its nuclear threats and rhetoric without being a member of any of the disarmament treaties dealing with weapons of mass destruction. So that the prime minister of the occupation regime of Quds threatened Iran with a nuclear attack in September of last year, against the principles and rules of international law.

In response to the baseless claims of the representative of the Zionist regime, Aliabadi noted: The Israeli regime has been trampling the fundamental rights and dignity of the Palestinian people with its policies and practices for more than seven decades. Gross violations of international humanitarian law, especially war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and forced displacement in Gaza show the barbaric nature of this regime.

The representative of our country stated that war crimes, crimes against humanity and gross violation of humanitarian rights should not become a normal thing, addressing the representatives of the countries present in this meeting, he said: The international community should provide deadly weapons to the countries that have played a role in the crimes of the Israeli regime. and encourage it to commit more crimes to make it answerable.

Referring to the failure of the international community to force the Israeli regime to comply with international rules and end the occupation and brutal behavior against the Palestinian people, he said: “The continuation of these failures will be a green light for this regime to continue committing crimes against the people of Gaza. »

The representative of our country said again in response to the subsequent claims of the occupying Quds regime that Iran supports jihadist groups in the region: the root of the crisis in the occupied region is the inhumane behavior of the Israeli regime in the past seven decades. Jihadi groups in this region do not take orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran, however, Iran cannot prevent the anger and disgust of the people of the region against oppression and occupation.

This meeting, with the speeches of the representatives of Iran, Turkey, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria against the non-stop crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, turned into a scene of confrontation between different countries with that regime.

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